You are here for a reason

Do you know your soul’s purpose?

This rare ancient system shows your gifts, talents, and shadows designed specifically by your Higher Self for this lifetime on Earth. These Creation Codes and Atlantean system were channeled by Frank Alper in the 1980s from Moses, as an ascended master, on the 22 letters contained in the Sefer Yetzirah, Hebrew Book of Creation. Frank Alper was a prolific and highly respected Atlantean channeller who knew that the 22 codes come from time out of mind – from our oldest multidimensional roots echoed in the Gemetria/Chaldaen numerology, the Kabbalah, communicated through the Light Language of your name. 


As a certified oracle of this system, you will receive a detailed personal “roadmap” of your life’s work and who you are meant to be. Further ways to upgrade your codes are possible through specially designed name variations and through a private ceremony to release trapped shadow aspects that have already been worked through and ready to let go, bringing new levels of abundance and creation to your reality!


This system of Creation Codes provides 7 numbers working in flux inside your personal merkaba to design and direct your life in areas of

  • physical reality
  • spiritual goals and talents
  • and challenges 

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What you will learn in a Soul Purpose reading

Knowing your specific Creation Codes contained within your birth name unlocks the secrets hidden in the blueprint of your life. It explains the reasons why things have happened and who you are here to be. It further guides  you to align with your soul’s mission and to live from your highest soul vibration.

One reading will empower you to:

  • overcome challenges by knowing your most influential shadow aspects 
  • express your strengths, talents, and spiritual powers
  • refine and manifest your dreams
  • access your deepest soul purpose; knowing exactly who you are here to be

Being Versus Doing

We are all here to experience ourselves as unique aspects of the Creator/God/Goddess/Great Spirit/Universe. 


Essentially, the Higher Purpose for each of us is to BE our Soul Blueprint. To fully express our gifts. 


That’s why knowing what the gifts are contained within your Soul Profile is important. And then being them in the world! 


Some souls know – or it will be revealed at some point – that they are here on specific service missions: to help raise the consciousness on the Earth Plane and to help with the evolutionary shift. 


There is not one Purpose. We all have multiple Purposes.

Ready to learn your life purpose?

Expecting a child?

What if you could help your baby live a beautifully blessed life just through the name you give them? Keep in mind that there are no “bad” or “irreparable” soul plans. Every name has the potential to lead to a beautiful meaningful life.

However, there are certain Creation Codes that give a person stronger chances of overcoming their challenges and using their talents to make a beautiful, lasting impact on the world, and an easier time doing it.

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Consciously Name Your Baby

As parents, you provide between two to seven possible names for your soon-to-be-born baby. We read the charts of all the options and see which chart is most in balance, with the highest probability of giving your child a great life full of love and happiness.

We also consider your family dynamics by looking at both of your charts to see how harmonious they fit together with each potential name. In the reading, we outline the strengths and potential challenges of each name briefly, as well as our recommendations for which name to choose to guide your child into their greatest potential.

Give yourself a better destiny...

... Explore renaming yourself

Change your name; change your life


Birth name reading:

45 minute session [with audio recording]

Written report in detail of each creation code you hold

  • Plus, where you are on the 7-phase ascension path




2 hour session [with audio recording]

2-4 name variations: 

birth name + current name / family members names / name change variations analysis

  • Plus, where you are on the 7-phase ascension path