Meet Cailín: Natural Healer and Visual Artist

In my mother’s native land of Ireland where she lived, spending much of my earlier years visiting sacred sites throughout Donegal and the West.

Visionary comes from a video interview series I produced in Summer 2019, entitled Healing Visionaries, with 21 strong medicine people from around the world to share wisdom and healing techniques to connect to our own inner wisdom.

My name is Cailín, pronounced in English as Colleen. I was named as The Healing Visionary because I combine healing with spirit channeled artwork and shamanic energy medicine. 


Being a direct channel is my quintessence – the core of my Soul Purpose as a 10-1 in the Soul Purpose System. I have always known about that connection as a child with very thin veils between the unseen realms. I had several ways of seeing and communicating but did not realise that’s what was going on until many years later as an adult while living and dancing in ceremony for three years with Lakota people. Star beings were always in my room, I would play with unseen creatures and sing in light language. Everyone just thought I was a weird kid. Fortunately I did not get educated out of my innate spiritual connection and soul memory.


The Path of the Healer

Growing up there were not words for these intuitive talents and sensitivities – at least not in mainstream life back then as there is today, with words like manifesting, channeling, highly sensitive people, and energy healing being spoken in today’s vernacular. 

I am here as a guide in service to people and animals to help all of us raise our vibration higher and lighter to meet that of the our beautiful blue planet. In this heavy 3D earth plane we get bogged down easily. Managing the mind and emotions is humanity’s biggest challenge. This heavy density often prevents people from connecting with their Higher Self and living their highest destiny. 

Co-creating life with ease, joy, and grace.

There are accelerated ways of awake dreaming and visualization practices that will zoom you into the realm of opening doors and materializing further possibilities. Many of us do this without realizing how strongly it works.  Miracles do happen.  

My story begins at a young age and includes several spiritual teachers, upheaval, calls to action, false starts, firewalking for transformation, and many small miracles. It is the archetypal story of The Hero’s Journey and Wounded Healer.


Although now I live globally in a life I love with travel, sacred sites, exploration, and fun encounters with people from all walks of life. It wasn’t always this good. I am living the dream I had many years ago that I never thought possible, even in the slightest. Now it’s all very real. I keep dreaming more and more… Envisioning, What Else Is Possible…

It’s not easy down here in this binary land of opposites. There are goals, challenges, and situations we all long for and obstacles to overcome. It’s all in progress. The moment you say “I have arrived”, you are not going to be in human form. The objective as I see it is to be fully connected to the higher densities of the 6th where our Higher self lives and to mirror that back down to the 3rd density to maneuver our physical life without being stuck in it.

Native Life Transformation

Let’s back up to 2006 – around age 32 – I moved west across the U.S. to Oregon. It was one of those crossroads in life. After leaving a harmonious nine year relationship, an attempt at moving overseas that did not last, finishing a postgraduate degree, changing jobs, changing states, running from an abusive new relationship – all within one year. Everything I tried was not working out. I kept adjusting and rerouting myself but couldn’t see the path ahead. 

You might know the feeling. I wasn’t living in a conscious flow at that time. 

I was full of heady academic ideas and in pursuit of my career.

Six months later with nothing but the wind blowing in a new direction, I left a miserable museum job and took off for the west coast USA. It was a marvelous solo road trip across the country from North Carolina to Washington state through the northern route in a tiny little convertible car. It was a lot of fun. I went slow across three weeks staying at little roadside motels and stopping at all the quirky sites, like corn palace and coincidentally landed in Mt Rushmore exactly on July 4th. Totally unplanned. I remember listening to Jack Kerouac’s, On The Road, on audio cassette while crossing Montana. It was very hot so I stopped for a pint of beer and stayed 4 days. Went to a rodeo, dancing at night, and rafting. Unknown to me I was in Bozeman. No wonder it was so fun.

Once in Oregon, I had a house-sitting gig for a month and that’s all I knew. Within that month I set up a new life, ultimately aligning myself with a university faculty position and resurrected my life once again for a second time. 

Who was there to help? A kind aunt who set up the house sitting with her friend taking her family on a European vacation 

… and Hummingbird…

One of the vital archetypes in shamanism to follow the nectar even when you have no idea where you are going.

Hummingbird literally came to me in the garden every day hovering in front of me so much that I knew there was something to hear. I listened. We talked. I dreamed. and did not plan too much, but enjoyed the time and exploring a new region of the country. Money was very little yet it didn’t seem to worry me and within that month new doors opened. Hummingbird is a most powerful bird in shamanic creation stories. Hummingbird was tucked inside the wing of the eagle/condor and was the only one who could fly to the sun and bring back the earth medicine. 

A short time later I was meeting Native elders and storytellers from the Pacific Northwest and up through the coastal region to Alaska. It was a breakthrough being taken into a Lakota tiospaye (family). I was soon living, dancing, and breathing monthly sweatlodge, hanbleceya (vision quest) and sundance ceremonies during those years in Oregon. 

So many many amazing and wonderful things happened. There were thousands of downloads, finally seeing my main spirit guide, other helping ancestors and animal allies, knowledge of herbs and plant medicine, ceremony protocols and most of all: I was allowed to be my authentic self. In sweatlodge we sang and I am not a good singer yet I sang too and learned beautiful songs. We spoke our inner truths aloud. We asked for what we needed be it emotional or physical and gave even more back in gratitude ceremonies, helping hands, and provisions to our community.

Those years were one massive initiation. Some of it was challenging and a lot of things came up to purge or transmute along the way. But there weren’t healers as one would think to listen or treat the malaise. As an outsider, I was fortunate to be there at all so most of my healing was dealt with from spirit helpers. I had a talk psychologist at the time. I have always been in therapy around issues with my mother and father since I was in second grade. 

Once I started working with the spirits, no amount of talk therapy could reach these outer luminous fields where the energetic footprint is permanently embossed in our DNA. Some of it is also passed on genetically through ancestral wounds and traumatic experience manifesting as fears and blocks to our success. It all lives in another layer out beyond the auric field in what my current teacher, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, named ‘the luminous field’. 

Then, what happened in the next – three years into this, a yuwipi man came down from Manitoba who gave a special doctoring ceremony and I asked to be in it. He did this ceremony twice, a month apart. Three of us were the recipients of the doctoring, but sixty people were all huddled together in the blackened out room. The hosts spent days covering every window corner and crack with blackout material and tape. My call for help was not for any health condition but for the heart and endless sense of wandering with no place in the world. 

Who am I…

What am I here for…

What am I supposed to be doing…

Journey to the East: 

Seven years in Java and India


After those yuwipi ceremonies, within 3 months, I was flying free. I left the university job that was crushing my spirit, and moved to East Java Indonesia to teach art, which was aligned with me as an artist, at an international school. I’ve been doing that since 2010 moving around the world as a teaching artist and studying and practicing all of the healing arts with teachers from across the planet.

In East Java I lived 15 minutes away from Bali so went most weekends to escape the city but I also loved Java and all of it’s chaos and ancient bonism/animism and things from the unseen realms. In hindsight, the years I spent in Indonesia were a time when I truly came into my own. I learned to really laugh and enjoy whatever was happening. But a lot of anger and frustration bubbled up to learn to deal with when living in a totally opposite culture from my own way of thinking. I learned big lessons in being authentic and allowing myself to be seen. I glowed in the dark as Indonesians would joke because I am so pale. Everyone wants a photo with the big giant foreigner and all that stuff. But what I mean is that I danced and had meaningful relationships and let myself fully experience life without holding back from fear of being watched or judged. Up until that point I was still timid inside and at work often bullied and picked apart by older women.

My talk therapist always said it was jealousy. That’s the common platitude. But in soul retrieval I learned that it was my “original wound”. People can smell it when you’re full of holes and debilitating insecurities even through the fanciful mask I wore everyday and my tall presence. It’s no matter, the original wound will keep happening until you resolve it.

In Java everyone wears metaphoric masks. So while I was learning to be free, the culture was full of facades and hidden agendas. That’s one good thing about being the foreigner – I don’t have to subscribe to cultural norms. So I had adventures as an art expert going to a huge mansion where the local Imam lived in the village of the clove cigarette, Gudang Garam, factory. His mansion was full of fakes. But it was fun going through with his entourage of guys jumping on the beds with flashlights trying to illuminate the pictures. No electricity in the daytime is normal so the rooms were dark. We sat in enormous green marble armchairs eating bananas. 

There were rats in the ceiling of my little house and giant magic tokeks, which are rare and special if they come to live with you. I felt they could feel my energy and came to watch over me. I remember clearing the bedroom every night of energy because so many spirits would mess with me in the night. Java is full full full of spirits more than anywhere I have been. And they do have fun with us humans. I quickly blocked them and cleared the house routinely. Of course the Javanese have flowers and other daily rituals to keep them at bay. 

Then it became time to find another job. Kiwi John and I both left. He was my senior comrade in fun and games with nightly wine dinners at the local festival of outdoor restaurants. He was pivotal in my character expansion. I would visit his house sometimes and he’d warm up and play the little concertina and we would practice candle gazing with the flame between our eyes. Other times we rode across town in a bicycle rickshaw to see where we would end up. We ran all over that city and had more fun than I ever knew possible. It was an emotional love but not a physical affair. Definitely someone from my soulpod that I was lucky to meet before he died a few years later – and far too young. 

Synchronistically, my next art job took me to South India. Straight to the neighborhood of my beloved Theosophical Society (TS) Headquarters. I couldn’t believe the chance of this possibility out of all the world and all of India, I ended up right smack in Adyar, Chennai. Back in Portland I had become a member of the T.S. and visiting their retreat land, Indralaya, on Orcas Island. I went to meetings every month in the little blue house down the street from my apartment in Northwest. The T.S. has been near my life in interesting ways starting from my discovery of Madame Blavatsky while reading about Kandinsky in art history. She has since come to reveal herself as one spirit guide and there I was at her grave, at her house, and where they found the young Krishnamurthy on the beach.

My years in India felt most at home and I loved functioning amidst the chaos. I was sick often no matter how carefully I chose to wash food and eat at 7 stars. Yet it was great. The chaos of those big cities takes a toll quickly and escaping to nature was necessary and the travel to other parts of India and the remote Himalayas was the best treat of my life so far. Without making this a travelogue…I will skip all the details and say that I spent most of my time in Tibetan lands, following nomads through the fields and hilly moonscape of Ladakh, chasing wild ponies and yaks who have become part of my advisory counsel. 

I went to ceremony with the Dalai Lama in Leh for several weeks of Kalachakra (yes, I saw Richard Gere and sat next to Bob Thurman and his group), and also many times at his temple. When I went to commission a large oversized Tibetan rug from the weavers. I wanted an old design. I didn’t love what was pictured in their booklet. The artist had retired and so they took me up 5 flights to the attic overlooking the mountains. The manager started pulling out huge scrolls of paper drawings and spreading them across the floor. It was mesmerising with the beautiful choices of florals and unusual designs. I narrowed it down to three, then one, and selected the colors. Afterwards, he told me all of these are from the Dalai Lama’s house. They have never been rewoven. Until now! Here I am a carpet twin with His Holiness. I hope I get to tell him that someday if he will laugh. His rug is turmeric yellow with giant blue flowers and mine is black with rose colors. 


Back in Chennai I had a ball socialising and invitations to all the high profile parties. It was a special time getting to live a very fancy life. India suited me well because women were always dressed up and I didn’t look out of place. Gone were the days when people used to taunt me about where I was going dressed so fancy when I was walking the dog or doing nothing. 

Finally I had enough. I was ready to move on and had experienced a range of spiritual practices, teachers and places. I lived up the road from Auroville and went to the Matrimandir as much as possible. I also studied reiki with a master teacher from Hawaii who was there looking after her expat family. She formed a core group of us that all became strong reiki practitioners across several years of training with her and became reiki teachers. She was from Mrs. Takata’s student lineage and a very disciplined teacher. 


Then I left and went to Crete to do a goddess pilgrimage with the famed theologian Carol P. Christ who has become a friend and like an older sister. 

The next summer I went to Scotland for two months traveling slowly in the highlands culminating in a very powerful initiation at Lendrick Lodge in firewalking and certification to lead firewalks. 

I attribute the fire to my greatest transformation. 

Fire is vital to this work and the fastest.



Soul Contracts Repaired


Rewind now, way back to 1990… I had just turned 16. It was the worst time ever. My mother had remarried and had two baby boys while I was ten years older. Hormones were running sideways and everything was a mess, emotionally shut down at home, no communication, teenage angst and no support. What is a long nightmare story I will save for a full novel at another time. What is important from this is that I was sent away from the family never to return.

Eventually, seven years later, I went to university and did exceptionally well. I was able to study visual art and had a wonderful mentor whom I studied weaving and have built my professional life’s work in fiber arts and ceramics. That website is here.

That early trauma taught me one fiercely difficult lesson in self-love, which is my main learning lesson in this lifetime.

Traditional earth-based belief systems would have recognized my ordeal as a healer coming into being. The signs all pointed to an initiation from Spirit yet in the unconscious society I was mis-labeled.

On-and-on the wheel turns…  fast forward 30 years to 2019/20…I finally realised my mother and that hard childhood I had was a gift. I heard the great Wayne Dyer say the same of his father, but never understood it. Now I see with clarity: my mother made a difficult soul contract with me to so that I can earn this incredible self-love challenge. 

Unfortunately all of that has fallen to amnesia here in the 3D density.  

In return I have done several powerful ancestral clearings and received epoch visions of her story going back to paleolithic times. It came by chance in two storylines – one several years after my first past life regression and first when I went to meet my mother in our first lifetime. I was her son. A few years later, in the sequel, I saw her story of lost love in the years before I entered. It was a horrific scene between humans and animals. She was one of the few who survived. I talked with her spirit incarnation and we healed some of the trauma that is on repeat from that incident and its aftermath. I know wherever she is that she felt it too. There was a huge release also for me and I am sure her life and mood lifted immensely in the here and now. 

That is how it works. When we heal ourselves, others are also released from the generational suffering. 

It’s fascinating and better than any movie ever produced. 


A New Destiny


The way I experience it, our life is to keep co-creating, building, and seeking that which is more and more aligned with us. 

Since learning my soul codes from the Soul Purpose System, I have a very clear path ahead. Channels have opened and abilities are flooding in. New service missions have been downloaded and being in human body is a much more engaging and interesting place than I have ever known before.


This work is powerful and transformative leading to a more beautiful life. 


It takes a series of sessions to build new foundations yet within one hour we do the work of ten years and even ten lifetimes – as in the soul retrieval and rewriting new contracts. 

One modality is not going to reach all the layers of imprints; however, shamanic energy medicine as I learned from Dr. Villoldo -medical anthropologist over 40 years working with medicine people in the Amazon and Andean lineage – shows the processes for deep soul work to get to the root of every issue. 

If you are on this path of transformation, keep going. 

Reach out. 

I am here to help. 


 I was once on the thunderpath and came out the other side. I can help you along your path too.


Send me a message