The Universal Sphere is a process for helping you resonate with the perfect vibration of the universe, allowing you to become a Universal Human by allowing you to feel and experience, once again, your Universal Connection.

When we were cut off from that connection to the Universe at first it felt strange, uncomfortable and full of effort. After millennia of disconnection from the Universal Source we forgot that we once felt “better” or connected and this state of disconnection became the new reality. The Universal Sphere is getting us back into connection with the Universal Source. 

I use this technique in conjunction with energy healing when there is something specific that you want to bring into your life. I also integrate it in specialty sessions around Destiny Work that also include the stone oracle, which is a very strong source for making adjustments.

The Universal Sphere is an experience that was brought through to help manifest experiences in your life in more Divine ways.

  • Improved outcomes to events and situations
  • Better relationships
  • Peace
  • Clarity
  • Healing
  • Love
  • Connectedness
  • Relaxation
  • and MORE! 

How Can It Help Me?

  • On a human level it allows individuals to live more from their heart than from their head.

  • The Universal Sphere holds the potential for untold change and transformation, peace, healing, understanding and release.

  • It has an impact on the human form on every single level at which it exists: the physical form, all the way down to the very essential particles within the human form and then extending on beyond that to the energetic realms, the realms beyond which the five senses exist.


The Universal Sphere can be done on EVERYTHING!

  • Humans
  • Situations
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Homes and Businesses
  • Land
  • Crystals
  • Space Clearing


Preliminary test of the Universal Sphere®

Test Date:

Test Subject : Test Location:

Practitioner: Practitioner Location:

6 January 2012 Female Subject

Coolangatta, QLD, Australia

Karen Keeney – Portland, Oregon, USA


Karen was in email contact with Female Subject immediately prior to the session.

Female Subject took baseline measurements of herself using her GDV machine.
Female Subject then laid down at her office and received the Universal Sphere, performed by Karen.

Approximately 8 minutes later Female Subject repeated the measurements of herself using her GDV machine.


Excerpt taken from an interview with Dr Korotkov

Paula: In the GDV camera, you have created an amazing technology. I understand that the GDV measures and photographs the auras of living things. How does it do this?

Dr. Korotkov: Our GDV technology was developed after twenty years of research that enabled us to create the camera and also the software that supports it.

The camera’s operation is based on the stimulation of very weak photon and electron emissions from the body. So it operates on the quantum level, and thus it can tell us about the quantum field of a human or a plant, and its biological functions.

The quantum level is very sensitive to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual activity. This is why the GDV camera is sensitive to different levels of the functioning of an organism. The camera creates a high-intensity electrical field around a fingertip or a plant placed on the special, fibre-optic plate of the instrument. The electric field produces a visible gas discharge glow around the object. The image is captured instantly in a computer and can be processed in a variety of ways using our proprietary software. 

What is Solution Energy?

Solution Energy is a key concept as we learn about working in the Unified Field and the Field of Infinite Possibilities.

Basically put, Solution Energy is that there IS a Solution to Everything. You cannot have an issue, problem, concern, conundrum or mystery in your life that there is not a solution to! There is always a solution. The solution may not be in your life yet. You may not have any idea of what the solution might be. The solution may not be on your radar or come in the way you expect, but there is always a solution.

Why this is great to understand as we learn the Universal Sphere:

  • As you work with the Universal Sphere in a myriad of ways in your life and see the results from them you begin to see that there truly is always a solution.

  • From this your Trust & Faith grow, you begin to anticipate the surprises that the Field of Infinite Possibilities can bring to you.